The new FLY meter is designated especially for trikes, quads and UL (Ultra-Lights), where the engine is situated far away from the dashboard. It means that the engine is located at the back – behind the pilot.

The device is divided into two modules:

- Measuring module – it is located in the engine compartment

- Display module – it is located on the dashboard in the pilot’s view

These modules are interconnected by a thin data cable of any length.


  • 4x temperature 0-1000°C – CHT or EGT – display can be switched between °C and °F
  • 1x temperature 0-300°C - oil, water, etc.
  • 1x oil/fuel pressure measurement
  • RPM meter
  • 4x timers
  • Setting of time to service
  • Fuel gauge – fuel level in the tank
  • Flow fuel meter – instant and average consumption, amount of fuel consumed
  • Measurement of the on-board voltage
  • Alarms - overheating, fall of oil/fuel pressure, fuel level, fall of the on-board voltage
  • Backlight regulation


Video of the FLY meter  youtube-logo2

Installation of the fuel gauge       youtube-logo2


Manual for the FLY meter-download


Display and connection



Display module:

Front panel: 98 x 64mm

Hole for the panel: 93 x 59mm

Measuring module:

Base: 124 x 40 x 20mm


Display module:

FLY meter FLY bok

FLY meter zadek FLY meter display

FLY meter display 1 FLY meter display 2

FLY meter display 3 FLY meter display 4

FLY meter display 5 FLY meter display 6

Measuring module:

FLY modul fly modul bok