After many years of experience in the field of control of two and four stroke engine, the company Fly Henry has developed a new type of ignition. Much emphasis was put on operational safety with petrol engine for airplane models, i.e. on safety usage of propeller engine!!!



Basic functions of the ignition:


Version 1         

- Power supply 4,5 – 15V

- all of the ignition states are being indicated by a build-in acoustic siren

- the device can be put into inaction according to the set time – 1 min

- in case of random slow engine spinning, the ignition is deactivated – at the time the ignition is on and the     time to deactivation has not run out yet – 1 min, (the time of engine starting), i.e. during slow engine spinning the ignition is not active. The ignition is being activated only during faster movement

 START MONITOR SYSTEM- in case the throttle trigger was forgot in higher or full position, the ignition would evaluate the situation and would turn it off immediately after switching.


Version 2:

- Version 1 + internal optically separated electronic switch controlled by RX  


Version 3:

- Version 2 + internal monitoring of the throttle level position - via a free channel in RX you can configure a throttle position determining when the ignition is active and when it is not. 



Download basic information 

Video - signalization for sensor setting

Video - security of random starting 



Innovation is modular system for RADIAL ENGINES

100 2371100 2373 


100 2374100 2376 




100 2379100 2377